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Polyga’s mission is to create 3D scanning and measurement technologies people will actually enjoy using. Tools executed exceptionally well create the best experience.

Project Overview
  • brand identity
  • website design and development
  • copywriting
  • develop case studies and guides
  • illustrations and icons
  • video editing
  • ecommerce
  • public relations for product launches

With more than 10 years of experience in the 3D scanning industry, the Polyga team sets out to build simple, user-friendly tools that capture physical objects into digital 3D models. The 3D scanner output is valuable for use in various industry applications including reverse engineering, 3D visualization, and quality inspection.

Polyga’s first product, XTract3D, focuses on reducing the reverse engineering process down to its purest form by giving users a basic toolset to solve a wide range of applications. We developed a brand identity and website design with clean aesthetics and concise writing to complement the company’s philosophy. The website uses visuals (photos, videos, and custom illustrations) to encapsulate the benefits of using XTract3D at a glance. We also worked on the product launch for XTract3D which garnered press coverage including Editor’s Pick of the Week by Digital Engineering and Cadalyst Magazine. Since then, we worked on other product launches including the HDI Carbon and HDI Compact 3D scanners.

Polyga is one of our long-term clients. We continue to build resources including 3D Scanning 101, Reverse Engineering 101, and case studies to demonstrate the use of 3D scanning in the field.

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