YellowTang Marketing + Design

LMI Technologies

The company develops innovative 3D scanning, measurement, and data visualization technologies that solve complex problems in a simple way.

Project Overview
  • rebranding
  • website design and development
  • content creation (blog, articles, videos)
  • marketing collateral

Prior to starting YellowTang in 2014, we worked at LMI Technologies. Our work involved redefining the LMI brand after acquiring 3D3 Solutions. Previously, LMI focused on providing 3D sensors to industrial environments, particularly for factory automated inspection. The company evolved to provide a broader range of 3D scanning solutions for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. After extensive research, the rebranding efforts focused on LMI’s philosophy of solving complex 3D challenges in a simple way. The visual identity reflected the new direction by having a streamlined and modern design. After starting YellowTang in 2014, we continued to work with LMI and launched a corporate blog that serves as a hub for resources related to 3D scanning and inspection.

LMI Technologies corporate brand guidelines
LMI Technologies exhibit design LMI Technologies exhibit design
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